The Guardian Lock


A portable door lock that attaches to the deadbolt of any door to keep it firmly locked from the inside; keeping you safe.

SKU: GL01.

Product Description

Our straightforward solution makes it virtually impossible for someone with a key to get inside your home. Safelock is great for anyone, but especially useful for those who travel and stay at hotels as well as college students who live in dorm rooms.  Help us help everyone!

This is also a personal lock to take with you whenever you are traveling or staying at an unfamiliar, or unsafe location. It attaches to the inside of any door, keeping the deadbolt firmly engaged and eliminating the threat of someone unlocking your door while you sleep. An individual can even have the key to your room and as long as the lock is placed on the door with the deadbolt engaged, the key will NOT turn and therefore the deadbolt cannot be disengaged, firmly securing your door.

Uses for example; staying in a hotel room or just broke up with your boyfriend/ girlfriend? How about for a student in a dorm room. t’s inexpensive and works on 99% of the doors that have deadbolts.