fa6be1affb2ba23870e92c6b6d1d9b6eJeff Robbins

While traveling frequently for business, Jeff invented this personal safety lock. He noticed the need while staying in hotel rooms and would be startled when the maids would come in the room even though the door was locked. He purposely designed this product with polymer materials so that travelers could take it on board aircraft. It’s light weight, extremely strong and that once affixed, your door cannot be opened by someone who has the key or by someone picking your lock.

Never have a maid open your hotel room while dressing again. If your staying by yourself sleep soundly no matter where you are.

8da803786b1ddd64d2a38c18c363d4ef_vcvoTim Malan

Tim assists Jeff with the management of The Guardian Lock. He has over 13 years of experience in management and marketing. The concept is near and dear to Tim as he was the victim of a home burglary. “The Guardian Lock is the easiest, most cost effective tool that you can use to feel safe. You can literally take it with you anywhere!”